Our Story

Fresh prawns

FloGro Fresh prawns are grown in a contained ecosystem which mimics the biological and physical processes used by nature to remove waste materials and to oxygenate the water. Our closed-loop aquaculture system is perfect for the sustainable inland production of warm saltwater prawns.

Our Feed

FloGro avoids the use of unsustainable feed sources by growing the prawn’s food naturally within the system itself, and supplementing this with additional nutrients. All our ingredients are fully traceable. FloGro does not source any ingredients from unsustainable sources and are supporters of the International Fishmeal and Fish oil Associations Global Standard and Certification Programme for the Responsible Supply of Fishmeal and Fish Oil (IFFO RS).

Fried prawns

Our Production Environment

The FloGro System is designed to use renewable energy, while minimising power requirements. Our production environment is completely controlled with sustainable heating, solar power forming the basis of our electrical consumption and a robust water conservation policy. Our prawns are grown in salt water to mimic natural sea water but without any of the pollutants found in the oceans. With minimal input requirements and a small carbon footprint, the FloGro system avoids high energy and chemical use, reliance on unsustainable feeds and susceptibility to diseases all of which blight conventional prawn production.

Our Prawns

We grow Litopenaeus vannamei, the Pacific White Leg prawn, which has a natural mild-sweet flavour and firm texture. Our prawns reach weights in excess of 25g. With our innovative and sustainable methods we are able to produce a superb tasting and fresh product for the discerning consumer.

Our People

After 5 years of applied research FloGro was established by a small group of dedicated aquaculturists to commercially develop the system they created for the sustainable inland production of warm saltwater prawns. This passionate team, with the help of UK government and private investor support, has been assembled to exploit the opportunity to sustainably farm high quality prawns in the UK for the good of the consumer and the planet.

Our Prawn Farm

Want to learn more about what we do, and how we do it? Take a look at this video created during a visit from Mindful Chef back in February 2018:

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