Fresh British Prawns

Sustainably produced in Lincolnshire

More and more consumers are taking a closer look at where their food comes from, and prawns are no exception.

Most prawns eaten in the UK are imported frozen from the Far East and South America. In these regions, prawns can either be farmed or caught from the wild. Harvesting wild farming prawns severely damages the ecosystem. Farming prawns pollutes the local environment and produces prawns that are vulnerable to disease. Another major issue with prawn farming is the illegal fishing methods used to capture the tonnes of fish that are processed into fish meal to feed the growing prawns.

FloGo Fresh prawns are produced in the UK, in the heart of Lincolnshire and are delivered fresh within 24 hours. The FloGro Vannamei prawn has a natural sweet flavour and firm texture and being a salt water species has a superior flavour to fresh water species. Not only do we produce a delicious prawn but the Marine Conservation Society has given us their top rating for our methods of production and sustainability.

What our customers say

“I took delivery of a kilo of your prawns yesterday. First, they were packaged beautifully and cold despite the warm weather. Second, I had some for dinner last night and they were superb! The best seafood I`ve had.”
Elisabeth Z.
“We have just had a most delicious supper cooking with Flogro prawns which we all deemed to be absolutely delicious and pretty special...tasty meaty and juicy ( some of the descriptive terms used!)”
Tracey S.
“Just had my first delivery, which I immediately cooked in some butter and fresh garlic. They were absolutely delicious.”
Kamal H.
The FloGro Concept

Our concept is simple: completely traceable high quality fresh prawns grown sustainably right here in the UK. At last we have an alternative to imported frozen prawns, reducing their carbon footprint and food miles. We call it FloGro Fresh.

Produced in the UK

Green lightbulb

Power with Renewable Energy

Farmed with Sustainable Water Usage

We treat our water using probiotic bacteria to ensure healthy prawns, we don’t waste any water and our heated water and electricity are produced using renewable energy.